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Proof of Greenhouse efficiency, reliability, and excellent performance are words from satisfied customers. To name a few are the following:


Carol Winet
Pasadena , CA

"We were very glad to learn of problems of our house we didn't even suspect, and to learn that some areas we were worried about were not serious energy problems. The energy audit was well worth it. We also were very satisfied with the repairs and the remediation the crew of three took five days. They were quiet, thorough, hard-working. They cleaned up after themselves. We'd suspected that the major repair (insulation of a room that had been converted from an uninsulated sleeping porch) would be a much bigger and more costly job. We felt this was a skilled job and less expensive than feared."



Deborah Griffin
Malibu, CA

"I am happy to recommend the services of Greenhouse at every opportunity. The representatives that worked on my house were extremely conscientious about arriving on time and leaving the premises in good order each day. They went well out of their way to clarify my expectations and confirm that they were met at the end of each phase of work. I found them willing to do what was necessary to meet my expectations for my home."


Andrei Balitaan
Canoga Park, CA

"Bravo, Great Job, Very Professional and Highly Recommended."


Hollywood Hills

"I’am writing this letter to inform you how happy we have been with your company's work. We chose Greenhouse to seal our subarea and seal our air ducts create a clean, dry and mold free environment for our children. One of our three children suffers from asthma.

Besides the comfort the remediation brought to our house, we save money in our electrical bills and in the rebates for undertaking this healthy homes/energy efficiency retrofit project

In closing, I would also like to point out how much my family appreciated the prompt, professional service provided by your company.

The work was exceptional from setup to cleanup."


Beverly Hills, CA

"I highly recommend Greenhouse for home improvements. I have not had the opportunity to use their energy efficiency and building performance services to date, but their customer service and quality/workmanship has been of the highest standards. Fair pricing, ethical, honest, responsive and a pleasure to work with at the Malibu jobsite."


Lisa Spencer
Thousand Oaks  

"We used Greenhouse for two projects over the past two years. One was to help us repair outside termite damage. Their representative is very knowledgeable about termites, the damage they cause, and how to prevent them. He and his crew came up with an innovative way to save and provide more support for 3 large posts that support our second story deck so that we did not have to tear down and rebuild the deck. The crew worked hard, and they were very tidy. We were also pleased with the cost of the project - very reasonable.

I would recommend Greenhouse for home repairs and plan on using them myself for future needs."


Mrs. Smith
Pacific Palisades

"Both of our kids have severe allergies. We jumped form one doctor to another to search for a better solution to our problems. One doctor told us that we have to find any source of allergen and indoor pollutant inside our house and eliminate it. But we don’t have the knowledge about these matters until we came in to contact with one of GREENHOUSE ‘s field representative. He conducted a 2-day inspection and testing in our house. He checked and serviced our A/C systems, identified and remediated the indoor air pollutants, sealed cracks around the house and identified the source of moisture. He recommended replacing the old carpet in the kids’ room with wood flooring. The carpet had a lot of dirt and dust mites that triggers our children’s allergies. After finding and repairing the source moisture in the kids’ room, the musty smell went away. Gradually, the condition of children improved and we give part of the credit to the work that Greenhouse did for us."


Eva Van Brunt
Silver Lake, CA

"Greenhouse handled numerous household tasks - big and small - over the past couple of years and I can honestly say that I have never worked with more professional, friendly, honest and talented contractors.  Everything was handled efficiently and turned out wonderfully, from the new floors they installed in our bedroom, to the paint jobs in many rooms, to the installation of a new door for our den.  Greenhouse team gave us a fair price for a job extremely well done and we will continue to use them and recommend them to everyone we know."


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