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Your home is a reflection of your success but that dream home can turn into a nightmare if regular maintenance is not part of your standard routine. Maintaining your home is similar to maintaining your car. Without regular maintenance both your car and your home are headed for trouble and costly repairs down the road. Often these costly repairs can be prevented altogether with routine maintenance and a timely repair before or as soon as problem arises.

Besides saving money, performing regular home maintenance and repairs can improve the safety of your home and health of its occupants. Here are some of the reason why home maintenance and improvement is a lot way better and economical than taking small repairs for granted:

• Save money and reduce the total cost of home ownership.

• Reduce energy consumption and expenditures (lower utility bills).

• Extend the life of home components, equipment and systems (deferred spending for replacement/repair).

• Eliminate expensive avoidable repairs and failures.

• Pride of owning a beautiful, well maintained home.

• Protect the value of one of your most important investments/assets.

• Reduce family safety and health risks.

• Improve your home’s appearance and functionality.

• Peace of mind knowing all systems, equipment, and components are in good working nnorder.

• Maximize your home’s sales potential (higher market value)

Here are the lists of some of the cost-effective projects you can do to avoid big problems:

1. Major Mechanical Systems
Make sure all of the home’s major mechanical systems are in perfect working condition. This means the heating, air-conditioning, plumbing, and electrical systems.

2. Fixtures and Appliances
Replace fixtures that are irreparable or just plain unsightly. It is time to replace a 40-year-old toilet that often look good. If the sink is so old that it never looks clean, despite hours of scrubbing, get a new one. If your kitchen stove is on its last legs, replace it. New fixtures and appliances don’t have to be top-of-the-line. But they should be decent quality and neutral in style.

3. Roof, Basement, Attic
Pay close attention to any needed repairs to your roof, basement, or attic. Mildew molds and termite have become major problem. Because some mold causes health problems and some insurance companies will not cover damage caused by mold. Termite infestation that are mostly caused by moisture can eat up house's major structure and can end up into big costly repairs or even accidents. Damp basement and crawl space can be a perfect breeding ground for all kinds of household pest and can contribute to indoor quality problems. Repairing problems that cause moisture is a definite priority.

4. Energy saving retrofits
Replacing your old incandescent bulb with energy saving bulbs, sealing your building envelop and putting insulation are some of the steps in minimizing your home energy consumption. Investing in a retrofit project like these can give you hefty savings and can help lessen our environment’s burden.

5. The Small Stuff
Repair all the little irritations you’ve lived with for years, including squeaky floors, windows that don’t open, drawers that don’t work smoothly, cracked tiles, missing roof shingles, worn out tub caulkings, dripping faucets, sticky latches, and broken porch stairs. Any repairs having to do with safety is a must, addressing it as early as possible can save you a lot of headaches.


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