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Laundry Savings

1.  Front loading washing machines use far less energy and water than top loading machines. According to recent field test, front loading machines use up to 60% less energy, 40% less water, and 20% less detergent than top loading machines.

2.  When possible, install your dyer on an outside wall of your home to minimize the length of dryer duct leading outdoors. Every foot of dryer vent, and every bend in the vent, reduces the amount of the air that passes through the dryer, increasing your drying time and expense.

3. Old fashioned timer controls run the dryer for as long as you set them, even if the clothes are dry long before the cycle is finished. The new automatic temperature dryer controls shut the dryer off as soon as the clothes dry, saving 10 to 15% of the cost of running your dryer.